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What Are The Consequences of Slip And Fall Injuries?

Slip and fall injuries are common and it can occur at any point of time when you are least expecting it to happen. Also sometimes the injury can change your life forever. So, when you treat slip and fall cases or fall down accident cases, it is best to refer to an experienced formally trained medical expert. In this way you know you are in right hands and the chances of you recovering fast is very high.What are types of injuries that occur with slip and fall accidents?There are different types of injuries that you can expect with slip and fall accidents. These are as follows-Injury to the spinal cord – This can be fatal and can even lead to paralysis.Broken bones – These are equally painful but can be corrected with surgery or supportScrapesBrain injury – This can be deadly and depending on the extent of injury, you can even lose a near one.Minor or severe bruisesDeathIn the event of slip and fall injury, firstly it is important to file a report, especially if you have fallen in a public place. Filing the timely report will enable you to make the insurance claim easily and without any hassles. Also keep watch on the witnesses when you had the injury. It goes without saying that when you are falling, it is indeed difficult to keep all this in mind, nevertheless, you can ask the ones that help you to get up or take you to the hospital for treatment.If you had the injury due to any construction error in the building, an electric fault or broken stairs, you ought to note it immediately. Remember, all these details will help you when you get the treatment and when you have to claim for insurance.Oftentimes it is seen that slip and fall injuries occur when there is negligence or the individual becomes careless.Aside from the injuries mentioned above, there are other severe consequences of slip and fall injuries. These are as follows-Hip fractures – Individuals above the age of 60 are prone to hip fractures and this incidence becomes pronounced if he slips and falls. Treatment may include minor surgery to hip replacement, depending on the need of the hour.Sprains – An injury in which the ligaments get stretched severely. Splinting or bracing can correct the situation.In most of the cases, treatment comprises correction of bone displacement by surgery or traction (support). Alternatively, you will also come across injured people that will need some counseling. Physiotherapy is another alternative. Aside from the normal medication, you can also resort to alternative methods of healing if you are comfortable with the same. When you undergo a session of physiotherapy, make sure you get it done by an expert. Remember, it is a question of your well being that will impact your entire life and so you cannot afford to compromise with the same.Bio:Aaron Sanchez has shared his expert vision and years of experience in dealing with slip and fall cases, in this article. His articles have been shared across numerous law forums and magazines. These articles have certainly thrown some light over areas like dealing with fall down accidents.

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